Polycarbonate and translucent roof
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It is designed to the highest international standards for use in the most demanding projects. Sheet density is increased by 20-30%, with insignificant rise in price, prolongs the life of the material by several times under the influence of mechanical stress and environment, and gives the final structure exceptional durability. Warranty service life is 10 years. Sotek-10 is the right choice to achieve the highest long-term economic efficiency of construction
The unique result of years of evolution of the polycarbonate market in Eastern Europe. While meeting the technological requirements for the production of durable polycarbonate sheets: the use of only fresh raw materials, co-extruded layer of UV protection, due to the optimal density it produces the best possible price/quality ratio on the project and fit the budget of any construction. Sotek-5 is universal polycarbonate for a variety of applications today and now.
It is the correct answer to the ever-growing greenhouse market demand for quality polycarbonate. Sufficient density and thickness of the sheet along with the thermal properties of polycarbonate provide comfortable temperature conditions for the plants and the transmission spectrum of UV rays, allowing seriously increase the yield of hothouse at minimum cost. Thus, due to durability and lightness of polycarbonate, the operation of greenhouses incomparably simpler compared to conventional materials. Sotek Greenhouse is for a bumper harvest.
We did a good job to provide a complete set of our polycarbonate with best accessories for installation. Using only a complete set of components and maintaining the technology installation of polycarbonate sheets guarantee the preservation of the material properties, structural durability and high aesthetic properties of the ready-made solution. Quality polycarbonate requires installation according to the rules.
Sotek-10 Sotek-5 Sotek Greenhouse Accessories
All brand Sotek polycarbonates are produced in Novopolotsk on the latest extrusion line from a world leader - OMIPA company (Italy). Full automation and uncompromising quality of the line nodes ensure consistent top quality of the sheet produced.
Polycarbonate Sotek quality is our highest priority, so unlike analogues, we guarantee compliance with all the requirements for the production of polycarbonate sheets of European standard: only primary raw material, UV protection is carried out by only coextrusion of the protective layer.
The largest polycarbonate warehouse in Belarus. We are the only company, which has constantly over 150,000 m2 of polycarbonate sheets of 7 colors and 6 thicknesses in stock in walking distance of the Minsk. It is possible to produce custom sizes to order. We can arrange delivery anywhere in the country.

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